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Hi there! I winked you to add to your beautiful collection:]

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 30, 10 2:19 am · History

look at all these people who miss you. me too

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jun 27, 09 4:18 pm · History

Monaaaaaaz, come back!

Posted by Rachel on Mar 1, 09 5:28 pm · History

I miss you. Like a lot, a lot.

Posted by karmakiller on Feb 11, 09 8:05 pm · History

Mona, I miss you. :)

Posted by smoke on Sep 7, 08 6:38 pm · History

where you at lady

Posted by silverbolt on Aug 27, 08 1:00 am · History

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Posted by behroozian on Jul 11, 08 1:14 am · History

It feels like forever since I've seen you. :( How are things in your world?

Posted by karmakiller on Jul 6, 08 10:26 pm · History


Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jun 30, 08 9:35 am · History

Mona I miss you :[

Posted by superstitious on Jun 21, 08 8:09 pm · History

I'm graduating in a few *days*, actually. :) But I'm going to William & Mary next year for grad school.

Posted by mipadi on May 4, 08 12:08 pm · History

lol yeah...that song always stops in the middle and i always forget that. just when i'm starting to get into the song it stops all the sudden.

i'm pretty good. busy, fuck finals. how are you?

Posted by brooklyneast05 on May 2, 08 12:52 am · History

hey! "shadowfax" since when were you shadowfax??
I love the layout mona.

Posted by robb0 on Apr 28, 08 5:19 pm · History

hey you! how are you?

Posted by micron on Apr 24, 08 9:21 pm · History

It's good, but I've been really busy lately, what with my undergraduate career winding down and all. How's life for you?

Posted by mipadi on Apr 21, 08 2:17 pm · History

Hi! I'm just popping in to kill time. How are you?

Posted by mipadi on Apr 16, 08 7:59 pm · History

I love that green color of the layout.

Posted by emberfly on Mar 20, 08 5:26 pm · History


Posted by Steven on Mar 20, 08 1:46 pm · History

nothings up here, laying around being lazy on spring break. what's up with you?

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Mar 15, 08 12:05 pm · History

I'm not sure, I think its spunkymcdoodles and I have nothing up xD

Posted by Insurmountable on Mar 14, 08 1:05 am · History

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