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I miss you. Like a lot, a lot.

Posted by karmakiller on Feb 11, 09 8:05 pm

It feels like forever since I've seen you. :( How are things in your world?

Posted by karmakiller on Jul 6, 08 10:26 pm

Whoa *stares at your profile*
I should change mine sometime, lol.

Posted by karmakiller on Sep 6, 07 11:21 pm

Thanks :) I'm doing pretty good. Recovering from going tubing today...

Posted by karmakiller on May 28, 07 8:27 pm

Ooh, pretty background! And pretty photo. :D How are ya?

Posted by shadowfax on May 28, 07 11:21 am

Gah, my profile keeps messing up.

Hiya Mona!

Posted by karmakiller on May 24, 07 8:45 pm

Hey, Dee! I don't know why but there are so many weird things going on here in FF. =\ The side modules are stretched vertically to the max. I hope it'll be fixed soon.

Posted by shadowfax on May 23, 07 12:29 am


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